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jacksonalsop, post: 122078 wrote:
Programming, though generally a geeky pursuit, is an art and like any skill there will be people who are better at it than others. In my experience, off-shore developers are cheap but are not exceptional coders.

The major stumbling block in the world of software development has always been, and will continue to be, the conversion of user requirements to executable code.

In simple terms, programmers need either explicit, unequivocal instructions as to what they’re making or they need a very good understanding of the subject matter. In both cases, they need to continually communicate with the client and undertake a repetitive and often frustrating review cycle.

Try to imagine what’s going to happen when off shore developers who are typically run-of-the-mill programmers with almost no understanding of your vision, and a level of English that is nothing like yours, get given a specification written by someone with no experience of software design or computer systems beyond using a PC/Mac.

Any result that isn’t a shambles is going to be more by luck than judgement.

It’s hard enough to get a good result when you do have a good level of experience and you work with good quality developers whose skills go beyond the comparatively simple act of actually writing the code itself.

But, dismal as that may sound, if your pockets are deep enough you can pay some guys and get a result, and you too can own an app.

And for every day after that, you can pray that nothing needs modifying, because that’s when the costs can really start to pile up.