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Angelgirl, post: 122112 wrote:
Hi Steve
Actually it looks like it may have been my fault – but I thought it was through the hosting. I never save my passwords to browser, and always log out of everything. Looks like it was my password, which unfortunately I had not changed in a while. Oh well, we all learn don’t we?

Do you know they got in via your password for sure!? One thing with using things like WordPress and many plugins is sometimes a plugin you use may be written by someone that doesn’t really know what they’re doing or isn’t really security conscious and may leave a “back door” open for hackers to get in.

Even when you do know what you’re doing sometimes coders still miss things and hence this is why there are so many security patches released for software once back doors and such are discovered.

Trouble is when using commercial software is anybody can download and inspect the code and try and find any vulnerabilities in the code and if any are found then word may get around that “x” problem exists with version “x” of certain software and hence hackers go around looking for sites still running said version; this is why a lot of commercial software no longer states the version number of the software in user accessible areas as then hackers could easily find vulnerable sites by doing a Google search; a good example would be PHPBB forum software used to show the version number and after one such attack on their software they removed the version number from the footer of their software.