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Trendy Market, post: 122117 wrote:

I’ve recently launched a website which is a marketplace for upmarket and stylish handmade jewellery, bags, gifts and accessories.

The website address is http://www.trendymarket.com.au

I would like to ask you for a general feedback/impression.



MagdalenaHi Magdalena, thanks for letting me review your site.

First impressions: Logo and colours look ok – very standard looking eCommerce site. It wont win any awards but it’s serviceable. Considering your products, I though something a little more ‘trendy’ would have worked better.

Structure: It’s very, very busy on the home page. Links everywhere which distracts from the products.

I would remove some of the ‘new products’ from the home page and replace them with ‘best sellers’

Useably: It’s ok, except for one very, very, important problem. I test bought something, and the website insisted I join. So I joined and no confirmation email… It’s been two hours. If i really buying something I would have given up by now.

You need to allow users to buy without creating an account. This is vital. The goal is to make is as easy as possible for people to buy things. Every obstacle you put in the way means less sales. If you must force people to make an account to buy, don’t make them have to verify their email.

Good luck!