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HarryLuke, post: 122326 wrote:
Awesome post,,, hope you dont mind me asking a question other than agent related?

How did you come to deciding on the stylist? has the stylist worked closely with the Agent she/he worked with already? Were you advised of any ‘kickback’ she/he may be receiving as the introducing party?

Just curious, nothing negative behind my queries either.. am always interested in stylists (staging) comments as i work with many of them and love what they do…

Cheers and so happy you love your agent, you have to work so closely with them that you at least want to feel that they are on your side.. makes a huge difference when you finally come to the bard yards and negotiating a close.

Insightful… LOVE IT…


Hi Jason, I actually started with the stylist and worked backward to the agent. I’d seen some properties she had worked on then signed up to her blog/facebook page. Once I’d chosen to engage her, she gave me 2 recommended agents and I chose from them (Agent B – Agent A was already the managing agent). There was no pressure to use either of her recommendations.

The agent is paying her initial fee as I negotiated which isn’t large and the stylist doesn’t receive a kickback (I asked – remember I’m a tight ar$e and thought I might be able to use this as a negotiating tool). She will just go in, sketch what’s needed, organize the style of furniture then the furniture company does the rest.

In saying that, for the few hundred dollars she costs, I would have been happy to pay it out of my own pocket. I have bought and sold a few properties and learned very quickly that stylists are worth their weight in gold.

The agent has also disclosed other potential ‘kickbacks’ that might be received, but as a business owner, I can see the benefits of a continuous working alliance with other businesses, so have no issue with the companies they work with.

Hope that helps!