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Paul B.
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JacquiPryor, post: 122178 wrote:
And, this page at the ATO site will help distinguish whether you are a hobby or business.

Whether you are one or the other is not determined by whether you have a business name/domain name etc but whether your activities are more appropriately described as a business than a hobby…

I agree with Kenneth that registering business name, domain name etc would ‘push it over the line’ – assuming you are on the ‘hobby’ side of the line to begin with. Do you have an ABN already, used in your eBay sales? I believe that in order to get an ABN in the first place you would have said you were a business… answering in the ABN application that you were only a ‘hobby’ probably would have resulted in them rejecting your request for the ABN.

Hi Jacqui,

No I do not have an ABN. I could successfully argue that my current operations are strictly a hobby any day of the week.

However as you have identified, the fact that I am setting up a name and domain may not look favourably towards being a hobby (even though my operations wouldn’t change in the mean-time).

So im at a crossroads:
– do I continue my operations as is with the hope someone doesnt register my name and domain, or

– do I bite the bullet and start paying tax on my ebay sales.