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Couple It, post: 122171 wrote:
And the ATO has nominated eBay traders as one of the groups they are targeting this year.

I don’t believe you qualify as a hobby. I’d go into full business mode if it were me.

Wendy :)

Hi Wendy

Yeah i hear this… ATO have been targeting ebay sellers for a while, or populating databases in order to target more accurately in the ‘near’ future. I recall 12 months or so ago that eBay had to advise everyone selling over a certain amount (think was over $20k but awaiting correction from forumites) that they had been requested by the ATO to provide lots of details about sellers,, eg name, registered biz name, bank account, etc etc

Will be interesting.. as a side note, i also hear that they are still planning on targeting garagesales.. been spoken about lots, not sure how true, although there are people making a living from conducting monthly garagesales.. mmm.. that will be fun….


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