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Divert To Mobile, post: 122220 wrote:
do you really want to be rushing into the first tablet style os microsoft releases? remember
win 95 – bsod city
win me – bsod city and endless driver issues
win vista – bloated and endless driver issues

Im guessing win 8 is going to be unnecessarily gimmicky. I’ll hang out and wait for win 8 second edition or win 9.


I like this sort of comment. It reminds me of just how prejudicial we (including me) are and how we measure past performance by today’s standards.

Most of what Steve says is true, although somewhat subjective, BUT!!!!!, we must judge by what went before each of these, not by the lessons MS learned by their mistakes.

win 95 – blue screen of death city…that made Win 3.11 look like the configuration monster it was. Countless hours excluding chunks of memory in Config.sys trying to get network and video cards not to stomp on each other, and trying to work out in what order to load drivers.

win me – bsod city and endless driver issues that addressed many of the Plug and Play (up) issues in 95 and was a significant step forwards.

win vista – bloated and endless driver issues. Yeah, Vista was pretty mediocre but I ran it happily for 4 years and had no real issues to speak of. In fact, I only replaced it a week ago when the hard drive crashed.

Each of these was the technology of the day and Vista was the worst of the bunch undoubtedly. But Windows 7 has been around for a while now and it’s very good indeed and it’s a result of millions of people using all that went before.

Of course, being a commercial software designer I sympathise with MS. 27 years of Windows and 40 million lines of code later and the result is Windows 7 which all things considered is a miracle of man’s ingenuity.

And if we want to go for the obligatory comparison with the humble motor vehicle, it’s been around for over 100. They still stop mysteriously, tyres still get punctures, engines are still hugely inefficient and cars still cause 100 deaths per month in Australia alone.

I shall get a copy of Win8 when its available. I’ll take the free updates that come my way courtesy of the manufacturer and I’ll let them have details of the issues I find.

Good value for $40 I think.

Horses for courses though as ever.