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JohnSheppard, post: 122302 wrote:
It’s too cheap. It must be dodgy :)

The cost of IT is never in the up front bill….it’s the retraining, the compatability problems, the lack of drivers, and all the downtime that causes, etc, etc…

I think a $40 price point will only make much difference to the buying decision of your home/retail and small business buyers…they’ll still complain about the $150/hour labour bills tho…”wot?!!! but this only cost me $40 and you’re charging wot?!! I’m in the wrong industry!” lol…

I think businesses with real bean counters will know better…

I shall say what I always say to people who complain about the cost of IT.

If it’s too expensive, don’t use it. Go back to sending handwritten or typed letters in the post and do your accounts in a ledger.