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Uncomplicating, post: 122315 wrote:
I shall say what I always say to people who complain about the cost of IT.

If it’s too expensive, don’t use it. Go back to sending handwritten or typed letters in the post and do your accounts in a ledger.

I would argue that many small business should do just that:) But that’s a different discussion. My only point was that the cost of software licensing is paltry compared to the knowledge capital required to operate them.

$250 for a windows license is paltry. $40 for a windows license is paltry. Free. Is paltry…who cares….what matters is how efficient it makes you….changing software doesn’t make ones organisation efficient…the loss of efficiency costs you multiple times the cost of a paltry license….

If you tell me windows 8 is going to make me more efficient by 2%, well, I’d probably pay $2000 or so for it…(for the record, I’m entirely certain it won’t)

Computer people don’t think like that…they’d be accountants otherwise…