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Uncomplicating, post: 122399 wrote:
Actually, they do. Well, some of us do. You assertion is sadly one of the great misunderstandings of what it means to be a “computer person”.

For some of us, efficiency, functionality and total cost of ownership are very much at the forefront of our thinking. We view computers as a means to an end and not the end in themselves.

Sorry for making a generalisation. That was wrong of me. You are correct though in that many do consider efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Uncomplicating, post: 122399 wrote:
Anyone who complains that computers have cost them money in the long term has clearly not used the tool correctly, or they’re using the wrong tool.

Well that’s the thing….people that understand computers are few and far between….that’s the whole problem with them….and complexity costs money…

You make it sound like it’s easy to choose the correct tool. It’s not. It’s incredibly difficult:)

I’ve never worked hell desk, but I have worked retail computer sales in my time…average people do not understand them…and never will….

I’ve also done software dev for many years…every smart dude on earth underestimates costs…myself included…although I’m a bit wiser now :) … all because its very complex…

But anyway that’s all a big diversion, I use windows 7, and I think what would make me more efficient? Not a metro interface :) More polish on those niggling little pain in the ass problems?…maybe…a $40 keyboard with special curly bracket keys?…yeah!

What would make things more efficient for regular noobie computer person? Nothing, you can’t help those people :)