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HI Ms,

Firstly, if you ask 100 people for their opinion, you will never (ok very very rarely) get an agreement from all.

The name has to feel right to you, so whilst it is great to get ideas and opinions from other people, the brand that will win you over is likely to come from within.

You don’t necessarily need to go with a name with is eco friendly, just because your clothes are. Of course, your messaging etc. will talk up this point anyway, so don’t limit yourself to this area. Think of the boys that created the UNIT surf/skate brand – what in the hell did UNIT have to do with that industry before they came up with it!!!

Also, a clothing brand can take many different journeys, so don’t limit your options. Opening a store may well be a great idea, but what if you were able to get your designs/brand stocked in several different stores instead?

I am just playing devils advocate, but sometimes, you have to be a little head strong and ignore what other people say, because if you go ahead with something that doesn’t feel 100% right, you are more likely to fail than something that carries your passion and ambition, but a few forumites disagree with :)

Here are a few that have just sprung to mind whilst writing:

Femme Revive
Sheco (or perhaps Chico – a cross between Eco and Chic)
Vintage by Sarah Jane