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Emity Lane
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Thanx everyone for the great feedback.

First of all my aim is to sell my original designs as that’s the reason I went into this and the upcycled clothing thing is because I couldn’t afford new materials most of my life and so that is how I’ve learnt to make clothing. Plus I want to help the Earth with my dresses and not contribute to the waste already being produced by other clothing companies. Some people have a stigma attached to second hand clothing so I do not want that to be the big stand out it is more the design aspect as I’m trying to bring something different to the market.

I do not like the idea of the green triangle in the skirt-its way too daggy for the modern, edgy, fresh feel I am going for and I’m sure it would be tricky to get permissions to use the green triangle anyway, but I’m so glad you are all putting forward suggestions (some of my own have been really bad too lol).

I love the name Sheco! I think that is brilliant and definitely the kind of thing I am aiming for with it. Now to research whether I can use it….