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Half a day is a lot of give up, especially for managers – as then they’d have to go back to their desks and answer emails, complete tasks and everything else they need to do. I agree with the others on the value proposition – what is the workshop going to do to help them.

You could start a campaign with smaller commitments before ‘selling’ the half day session. A way you can do this is join relevant LinkedIn groups in your area and connect with people online/local businesses.

Then market and offer a free 1 hour online webinar or teleseminar – which adds VALUE – not a complete self promotion/sale. Decide what you can pack in that short time, what would help them, how do you solve their biggest issues, give them a taster for what you are offering for the full day workshop and then ‘sell’ the workshop in the last 5 minutes or so.

You can market this by adding the event online, on LinkedIn and invite the groups you are involved with.

Its also handy to offer a special webinar promo offer etc for people who’ve entered the call to ‘push’ them towards a sale. A 1 hour commitment is doable, as opposed to a straight sell of a half day workshop.

One of my clients in the US shares a short tv series on a 10 step process for moving your potential clients towards saying ‘yes’ to your services – perhaps that would give you an idea on how to run your webinar/telecall/teleseminar you can find her process at: http://www.anastasianetricoaching.com/shinyleaderstv

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