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BI consulting can be hard to land when you are solo. My consulting within a global firm was more in the strategy area though did do quite a bit of BI once the strategy is approved. Many of my colleagues have gone solo and seem to find work through some of the following:
* old consulting firm – per what you said, if they need extra pair of hands
* labour hire
* former clients – people who have known your work and abilitie are more likely to take the chance (harder for large corporates who only accept suppliers from approved vendor list)
* former colleagues – who are now in house and know your work and abilities OR are doing consulting themselves and need an extra pair of hands
* network – people who know people who know you
* contracts – basically, instead of a vacancy, companies hire you on contracts for a specific piece of work or projects

Its not easy in this space but once you are known, it does get easier once you have a profile and a group of clients who know you and can recommend you. Linkedin can be a good way to store recommendations –

Hope this helps