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Hi and welcome to Flying Solo,

I have worked in places which have employed experts such as yourself and I understand why it might be hard to go it alone. Lots of your potential clients probably head straight to Stillwell or similar first.

First to business class – it depends on who you see to be your target market. A lot of the members here are in my target (SMEs with a marketing budget!) and the membership definitely brings work my way, even in a competitive field. It is, however, a very affordable way of marketing yourself.

Second, I think you need to put some time/effort/cash into a decent optimised and promoted website. For what you need (probably three pages – about, services, home), it won;t cost a great deal and you can even attempt it yourself with WordPress if you have any tech savvyness. Not only will it look far more professional, but it may help you be found by search engines and thus potential clients.

There are plenty of web designer, developers here. Or I can refer you to a couple of people that I work with regularly and trust.

Finally – you need to get out there and network, network, network. Join the local CofC or equivalent, go to events and expos where your target will be.

Good luck!