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If they have a trademark they have rights and could even take your domain if they make a claim and you dont respond with a good argument.

auda dispute resolution policy

The section is 4.a

Just to clarify – the AUDA dispute policy won’t necessarily help with a .com domain dispute. And, for a .com.au name the person complaining needs to demonstrate more than simply owning the trademark – other criteria must be proven to ‘win’ the domain dispute.

And – whilst it’s correct to say that “if they have a trademark they have rights” – for the reasons outlined in my earlier post, there are also times where having a trademark does not mean they can stop someone else using the same/similar name… there are many ‘rights’ that come with having a trademark – the ability to take trademark infringement action is just one of them when appropriate.

I think that the “Laptops Australia” name was used by the OP as an example.. so, I agree it would be difficult to register this name but without knowing the actual name subject of the post it’s a little tricky to say…