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I think the consideration firstly, as others have mentioned, is the Pty Ltd entity the correct set up for you?

Consider the future of the business and where you are going. What are your personal goals? Will there be a need for tax benefits provided by a company V the admin costs to maintain? Do you need to guard personal assets in some way or in the future?

And yes most definitely you can create it online, we did and although I have a background in accounting, it isnt really needed as long as you get the legal documents required. Generally the constitution will just be a standard wording and the same with the other docs like the memo and articles and the share registry/certificates etc.

The benefit you get with an accountant is fwd thinking and advice on future requirements when creating a company, there may be adjustments needed to the legal documents at incorporation and that would need more professional advice. But if you are just a single director/single shareholder creating a trading company, it really isnt a problem as long as you have the base documents that can always be amended later if required.

Good luck!