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endlessink , post: 122442 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if any has applied and been successful for pty ltd by themselves and not through an accountant? Is it do-able? We are trying to keep our overheads as low as possible at the moment, and from looking on the net you can apply by yourself, it is about $400 cheaper to do it this way. Am I crazy for considering this?
To the accountants out there, is there an added advantage (aside from saving me time) from doing it through an accountant?
Thank you very much for any answers you may have! Yes as a registered tax agent I think you are best to go via an accountant as they can explain the structure, directors responsibilities, company compliance requirements etc. also once the company is set up you need to apply then to the ATO for a TFN and ABN registrations etc. it is always best to use a professional to do this. Yes you will save money short term but it will cost you long term if something is missed. It’s like saying you will draw up your own legal contract instead of using a Lawyer. Leave it to the professionals is my advice. http://www.cloudaccountingaustralia.com.au