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Fail is such a strong word and for some reason one we all seem to want to avoid.

In compiling stats business that started but no longer trade get lumped into the failed category – the simple truth is that when all that’s required to be in business is an ABN, many get one and “are in business”. For some reason it’s a romantic notion to so many to be in business or a business owner, after all it’s only buying something and then selling it for more or having a skill that you can sell. How hard can it be? But over time when the reality of what it means to be in business sinks in many realise that it’s not for them and would prefer to be employed again and rather than fail, simply decide it’s not what they wanted to do and they move on. Not everyone is suited to running a business just as not everyone is suited to any other vocation and leaving something you don’t feel suited to is a wise decision rather than a failure in my eyes.