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LifeIsABeach, post: 122559 wrote:
Actually there is. There are research groups who look at how many small businesses are still alive after 2-3 years and compare that with the number of startups.

Hi LifeIsABeach,

I agree with some of the comments here that question the black and white definition of a ‘fail’ based on whether a business is still alive after 2-3 years. If the same definition was applied to employment, there would be millions of people with resumes littered with ‘failed’ jobs.

I’m not denying that there are a lot of businesses that don’t work out, but there are also many legitimate and positive reasons (other than ‘went broke’) why businesses are no longer operating after three years. In my opinion the failure stats are always way over stated for this reason.

Regardless, rather than avoid failure, I think to succeed more that people need to actually learn to fail more often on the way to achieving great things.