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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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There’ something worse than “business failure”. it’s existing and struggling – not having the life you expect, working more with little roi. to me, this agony (speaking from past experience).

I Would have much rather failed because i ended up living on hopium even though the business was making money. just at the expense of life and family.

What we should be asking ourselves is how far are we away from our expected income / lifestyle and what needs to change to fast track it? this is not about becoming a millionaire.

In fact, most millionaires i know never started out in business thinking they would make millions.

It could be as simple as working XX hrs a week with an income of $XXXk per year or dropping hours and keeping income steady or keeping hours and increasing revenue or reducing team size or increasing market share or delegating more or building an empire, etc

Everyone has a different concept of success. in my view and experience, most business owners “Fail” even if their business is making money.

They fail to have a life. Their life becomes their business. When they realise how unwise this is, it’s too late.