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Hey Trev,

Site looks pretty good. The inner pages are a little bland (but same can be said of my site). I like the copywriting, I think it reads very well.

Trev@Midas, post: 122556 wrote:
What we’re seeking with the site is I want it to be more warm, friendly and holistic in order to make finance a less formidable and intimidating subject that a lot of folk find it to be. It also needs to reflect the experience and care that clients find in using our services.

I’m not sure that the very dark background on your home page gives out a warm and friendly feel. It’s a bit too dark IMO.

Trev@Midas, post: 122556 wrote:
We already have a component of our client base that are national and whilst that’s growing through client referrals, I’d like to maximise the potential of our site to build further on this, we’ve added a 1300 number to facilitate this and already utilise Skype regularly for meetings.

I’d suggest putting your 1300 number and other contact details on every page of your site. Make it easy for people to get in touch.