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victorng, post: 122578 wrote:
Hey Trev,

Site looks pretty good. The inner pages are a little bland (but same can be said of my site). I like the copywriting, I think it reads very well.

I’m not sure that the very dark background on your home page gives out a warm and friendly feel. It’s a bit too dark IMO.

I’d suggest putting your 1300 number and other contact details on every page of your site. Make it easy for people to get in touch.


Hi Victor,

Thanks for the review and your comments. I take on board your comment that the inner pages are somewhat bland, but I’m not to sure what could be accomplished in that respect. Plus as well as trying to make site visitors comfortable in the visual experience, we still have to allow the copy to speak to the client (current or potential). I believe too much flash type media particularly on a financial services type site has the ability to tarnish our image, if that makes sense?

I agree that the Home page’s dark background may appear to be diametrically opposed to my words of warm and friendly, but we did give that quite some thought, and whilst the dark navy colour does to a degree dominate the Home page. The video’s imagery I believe soothes it down and the other colours of the logo orange moving into red signify power and passion, the lighter blue is about cool and calmness, and the green to us signifies growth and serenity. Each of us have our own opinion though, so again thanks.

1300 number and details on each page, that sounds a great idea.

Thanks Victor