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eworths, post: 123316 wrote:
This is very valuable information, currently I am looking for a place/shop in the shopping center but in the Heads of Agreement only gave us GROSS lease not NET lease. And sales agent said, they can’t tell us what is outgoings cost in the center. Can you please advice me how to resolve this matter if this come across to you.

As Kennethi said above, if it is a NSW retail lease, all outgoings must be disclosed.

Or is it a commercial lease? Is it a new complex? Sometimes they are not sure what the body corp is on a new complex. But if it is an existing complex that had previous tenants, then there should be some sort of estimate.

There are ways to limit your outgoings liabilities – such as negotiating with the landlord that you are only liable for reasonable outgoings based on the proportion of your premises to the whole of the building/complex, insert a clause that gives you the right to have an independent person review the outgoings if you believe it to be excessive, install separate power (if allowed) and water meters or just ask for an estimate from existing tenants.