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Thanks guys I just got back here.

Who is organizing the freight to Brisbane Port?

Well My supplier in China says he will ship to Brisbane port so I guess he is organizing the freight to Brisbane port.

While you’re waiting for an answer, why not look around the Customs website, or maybe give them a call for some information?
If your goods are coming in on a wooden pallet or in a wooden crate, it will need to meet requirements too.

Now that is interesting because that was my next question. About the wooden crate.
Is it that because these tubes are packed in a wooden crate it will fall under the category of quarantine item.
I was wondering about that because when submit the self assessed clearance declaration to Australian customs.
It asks if the goods are subject to Quarantine.
I was thinking well the goods are not so just tick NO How would I go then.
And if I tick YES then they want AQIS inspection location.? Wouldn’t that just be Brisbane port.

Have you engaged a freight forwarder? and you most certainly should be asking the person who quoted the $500 is it all inclusive?

I haven’t as yet and am hoping I can do this without them.
It is only $130/2years to get the digital signature and I would like to think I can do this myself.
I have of course made equerries with several forward and custom brokers however they don’t really seem interested.
Well they don’t answer email and they don’t reply to online quotes I had direct communication with one but now he seem to have disappeared. I am probably not big enough for them, just a one time little import.
I know that you can do self assessed clearance declaration yourself if you have a digital sig and are registered as a client in the Australian integrated cargo system.
I don’t think the quote was any more service than picking up from Brisbane and delivering to Queensland because I hadn’t told them about importing the goods it was just a quote for picking up and delivering the packages.
I am not to concerned about that I can always get several quotes but weather the packing crate falls into AQIS Quarantine category as my major concern at this time .??

Have you bypassed a freight forwarder as such and relied on supplier/shipper handling the freight?

Well the supplier say the price includes ship[ping to Australia.So I just assumed he would ship to Australia and then my problems would start… Oh-Lord ..What have I missed .????