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TheGoldenGoose, post: 122688 wrote:
Other than that my 7kg kitteh sits on my arms, or stares at the hand that is using the mouse and attacks :)

Love the visual, cat ready to attack the mouse… :D

I used to run things so structured, with blocks throughout the day.. but the day we moved into our factory it just didnt work… we’d have agents calling in at random with orders and for a coffee and chat (not complaining $$$), emails that required urgent attention, and the likes… now days, the best i do is get in before 9 (cos the phone tends to start from 9:30) and try to eliminate all emails and calls, then have a rough plan of must dos that i tick as i progress and this seems to allow me to respond to ad hoc requests…. but, the movies still get me.. LOL



ps.. not condoning anything, but 3 stooges is hilarious…

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