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Loving this thread!

Couple It, post: 122693 wrote:
My biggest distraction is FOMO…fear of missing out. This sees me on facebook just a little too often and too long lol

Wendy, Jayne directed me to your post as she *knows* my predilection for FOMO! I am better than I was and intellectually understand it’s impossible to be across everything, everywhere, but a tiny part of my brain always thinks ‘what about…’ So it remains my key concentration challenge :)

Here’s an article where I mention my battle with it http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/live-smarter/business-psychology/why-your-inner-voice-and-intuition-should-rule-your-head and Robert’s article, published today, also discusses distraction http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/working-smarter/productivity/worksmart-work-motivation-tip-avoid-distractions

Once you’ve read those… back to work, everyone.