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Cat – GLC
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Well I seem to suffer from many a distraction but my top one at the moment are stupid games on my iPhone.

I keep telling myself that I will delete them and stop playing but I just go and download more.

Not only must I play them but I have to get myself onto the leader board, which means more time and practice on the games.

I have proposed a slight solution to myself which kinda seems to be working.

I wake up around 5.30/6am and lay in bed playing as many games as I wish on my phone until my phone runs out of charge.

When it turns off, that is the supposed cue to get up and start working.

I then plug my phone to charge in my computer so I am at least in my office, out of bed and surrounded by work.

P.S. This has been the longest I have been away from Flying Solo and it has been 5 days.

Cat :)