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It was a light bulb moment really. I need to rework my diary as a result.

He said something about knowing what time of day we work best. It’s morning for me, always has been. So why on earth do I book meetings in the mornings? Because once I’m settled into my office I don’t really want to go out during the day. But I need to change that. I’m often in my office from 7am because I drop my husband off early to the train station, so I come home, get breakfast and a cuppa, come in here and read emails and then start working, usually by 8am. So, it would make sense for me to keep working through to lunchtime time and then have meetings in the afternoons, whether here or elsewhere as that’s my less productive time. I still get work done in the afternoons but I don’t have the same drive as I have in the mornings.

I do, and have always, take regular breaks from my computer, even if that’s just putting a load of washing in the machine or getting myself a cuppa. This stems from my days of learning about OH&S in the corporate world (1980s/90s) so as not to get RSI or similar problems.