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Hi Rob

Sounds great, doors are opening when you have an intention to move into your own business environment. I must admit, it was the biggest move for me in terms of moving into a “job” that would give me more passion and excitement to get up and get into a career.

Here is a few words from my blog, http://www.anthonysblog.com.au/2012/05/making-the-world-my-office/

I would be interested to know what your focus with writing is. Is it creative? Or business oriented? Do you have concepts or focus on article writing fro business for exmaple or re-writing website content for businesses considering marketing elements and SEO?

I have some great contacts in to the artistic world too, be it songwriting or film. I guess if your path was creative writing or story based that would be great.

Anyway it sounds great and that you are in a place of defining what you want to do with your passion and how it may sit in the financial world for you.

Hope it unfolds soon for you!