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Hi Rob,

I can tell from your very first post here you are a writer; an enjoyer of words – it comes across even in how you post on a forum :)

It sounds like you enjoy your current job, but perhaps it doesn’t offer the future you are after? I wonder if there’s a way to continue doing that whilst building up your writing gigs on the side?

As you’ve had articles published with your local papers before, I wonder whether there’s perhaps opporunities to become a regular contributor of some form there. Could be worth looking into to start building your reputation in the writing world whilst still having the security of the wage from your current job.

It is daunting to take the leap – but, (in my opinion) worth it. I absolutely had fears, concerns and anxious moments when I first started my company… I’m only 6-months or so in to it but already things are falling into place and I’m realising it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My biggest tip, based on my experience, is to make sure you can bank-roll yourself whilst you are building up your presence in the market; you can’t expect in week 1 you will make all the money you need (obviously) – so, the more promotion/building you can achieve before giving up the security of employment the quicker you can start earning what you want/need when you do give up that security.

Ghost writing for other people’s blogs is definitely a service out there… if you don’t have direct contact with businesses needing the service, check out websites of others that offer the service (copywriters and the like); Some are likely to contract writers for that purpose so dropping them a line or a quick call can’t hurt.

Wishing you all the best :)