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Rob F., post: 123160 wrote:
Thanks, Kathie! One good thing about Cairns is that it’s big enough to support a business breakfast scene. I keep thinking, “I need a business card first!” but just getting myself out there without can’t do any harm. In fact, there’s a Media Mix in town on Friday night…

You should be able to get cards done quickly at a good price these days Rob. I know that in my BNI chapter the printer there will often have something completed for us if we ask him on the Monday or Tuesday and he arrives with whatever it was for us on Thursday at the meeting. Great service. Business cards, postcards, he’s even done conference handbooks for me quickly.

Failing that, then go to http://www.vistaprint.com.au and get some cards done just to tide you over till you’re ready to get some professionally designed (if you’re not doing them yourself).