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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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what you are referring to is pricing strategy and it has nothing to do with cost, overheads or size of business but value rendered. so yes, there are solos who charge a few thousand per hour – for results.

there are small boutique businesses who charge more than big businesses for preferred service and priority.

those who go to bigger companies do so because the small business has failed to demonstrat trust and competence. it’s really that simple because others refuse to work with big businesses (lack of personal service + workers who get paid peanuts don’t tend to do a good job perception).

as someone who has worked on both sides of the fences, i can tell you that small is the new big. If you take a look at the big companies, they are doing local area marketing. some replacing 1300 / 1800 numbers with local ones and even mobile numbers. You will find CEOs signing off and some give out their (Fake) personal email address to make it look like their accessible.

it comes down to perception. some people like my in laws only wish to be customers of large firms and love to complain about them :rolleyes:. me on the other hand, am not a fan of big firms that take forever to adapt to market conditions. besides, when it comes to complaints or disputes, i’ve found small businesses are more responsive and ready to serve.

Divert To Mobile, post: 122738 wrote:
Sorry I cant help commenting here (see my signature)

I have often seen examples of where consumers have gone with the bigger company simply because it was bigger or more established.

There could be other reasons for wanting to look bigger or not wanting to look small.

Consumers could seek out the smaller operator for the purpose of paying less. Of course a smaller operator should have less overheads and should be able to charge less.
So is the consumer consciously paying big business big bucks because of their big overheads? or are they expecting better service/product?

So what then happens when an employee of big business who was being charged out at $360 p.h leaves to work to operate as a solo. Can that person then provide the same level service or better and charge $360?