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Jodie McLeod
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Dear Christina,

Welcome to the Flying Solo forums. I am sorry to hear that you find yourself in this situation, but I think one of the first and foremost steps to getting back on track is to approach someone for help and support – which I’m sure you will receive here – so good on you for taking that step.

The second most beneficial move would be to get into the mode of positive thinking. Success and negativity don’t mix. You will find plenty of inspiring material on our website to help with boosting your confidence and positivity. You also might be interested in this recent thread, which is all about positivity in micro business.

You also sound like you could benefit from a bit of sales and marketing advice, however it will be difficult for our members to give targeted advice without knowing a little more about your area of business specifically. Consider sharing a bit more information on your industry and/or market, and you might receive some more helpful feedback.

Good luck with finding your feet again,