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Hi Christina,

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Upon reading your post, I totally understand where you’re coming from. This life, when you do think of success, success comes from your mind and reaching your true potential.

Do you enjoy what you do? Success isn’t measured by what you can achieve in business or what not.. it’s really about what you believe in. After all, everyone passes away anyway one day. Success in life is about how you’re able to achieve your full potential, loving life and helping others through yourself, that’s true success. Anything else is secondary.

Most people don’t get to earn big and enjoy what they do at the same time, many who says they do have both are lying. Income is only worth one point in the scale of success, you have many other scales to use and try not to base your success around this sole perception.

At least you’re now debt free, from being majorly in debt, that’s a huge improvement by itself. I believe you do have what it takes. I’m not sure what sector you’re doing your business in, but the business world in many sectors runs on a very violent environment, having sabotages from competitors and stuff.. I’ve seen it happen..

All the best on your journey in life.