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Dear Christina,

I am so sorry that you are feeling this way at the moment, it must truly be incredibly hard for you, especially without family support. I have to say that it is wonderful that you did have the courage to seek help in posting in this community!

First of all, the important thing is your own health and wellbeing. I hope that the stress is not affecting you in a terrible way. If you are suffering from depression I hope that you are able to go to a doctor and perhaps even a business advisor who may be able to suggest ways to improve your situation.

You sound like a nice caring person and I hope that your situation will change. I am only new to the business game so I don’t want to give my opinion on that side of it because it doesn’t seem appropriate.

Maybe you need to really think about what is important to you now and how each possible change will affect you. I am sure that many members of the community here will be able to offer you some helpful advice.

I really wish the best for you.