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Thanks you all for your responses so far. And particularly for the blog post – glad the question inspired you!

I am not looking for an overnight result (although that would be nice – the pina coladas sound particularly good!). I realise that there is a lot of effort initially probably through some form of internet marketing. In fact the recent website we launched originated as a blog and we used it to direct traffic to our other website before converting it into a second e-commerce site.

I am prepared to put in the effort in creating then maintaining the “vehicle” but I guess I just want to get some reassurances that it will be worthwhile and what sort of “vehicles” work best.

Kathie, it is the second time I have seen the phrase “send-a-card” recently so I might have to look into that one. I noticed it in a signature block of someone I consider to be pretty savvy. Do you have any experience with it?

Thanks again everyone.