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kathiemt, post: 130306 wrote:
I enjoy using is Suzs and have more than made my money back from it at the same time. The cost to join now is considerably less than it was when I joined over 2 years ago – they’ve revamped the membership system.

You’ve joined at a really great time – I agree. The cost of joining has been lowered CONSIDERABLY ! plus you get a great (improved) system to back it up.

As for making back your money – one of the great things about SOC is that you are allowed to follow multiple ‘leaders’ to find the one(s) that you feel are the right fit for your business. Feel free to check out Eagles In Training as Benjamin Fitts offers a whole heap of websites you can use (for free) as tools.

Remember, the more you let the TOOLS do the talking (and the less talking YOU do) the more money you will make. Something I have to remember to do all the time. You don’t also necessarily need to do a lot of GAWS. Anyway.

Lots of support in SOC for you if you want it :) Check the forums on SOC website.