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coffeefi, post: 147396 wrote:
Hi. I have just joined a new network marketing group launching in Australia next month and am looking for some tips on how to find other like minded people who want to create a passive income and be financially free! Any tips to offer? This company overtook Amway’s turnover in its first two years of operation in the US so I am expecting big things to happen in Australia.

Hi Coffeefi, and welcome. I see you’re new here.

I can only speak from my own personal experience but I would say that perhaps chatting to friends and family and letting them know, and maybe set up a website to share the information and invite all you know to view it. I can tell you, that as a business owner, I’ve been contacted by lots and lots and lots (did I say lots?) of people to tell me about their new business opportunity. I’ve almost always known I was being prospected and it got rather tiresome. Yes, I understand what business is about, yes I understand what a passive income means, but no, I don’t want yet another opportunity. I do believe that if you’re trying to chase too many things you can’t really focus on any of them properly. And I actually enjoy what I do.

How does that equate with me having signed up to SOC? I got prospected about 4 or more years ago and told the person ‘no’, just as I had all the other times I’d been contacted about other opportunities. I got contacted two more times by people and then actually saw the cards on display at a Flying Solo conference in Sydney. Then some months later I began to get serious about nature photography and was looking for a way of being able to print cards, one at a time, without exorbitant pricing. Then I remembered SOC and did some research on it here in Australia and contacted someone about it. Ended up signing up with them and have been happy to earn some extra income through it too.

Perhaps that will encourage you to know that people don’t always sign up when they first learn about something.

Good luck!