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Gavin_S, post: 122840 wrote:
Hi Jodie,
I saw a portable terminal in Office Works the other day, I believe the brand was “Mint” and it was marked down to $50. I haven’t used it before so couldn’t tell you how it works.
I know there are also some iPhone and iPad apps that work as payment gateways.
One other suggestion would be to take your laptop with you. I see your website accepts PayPal, so if you don’t find other suitable options then maybe people could purchase through your website while on location. It’s a bit clunky but it might serve as a “Plan B”
Good luck!


Thanks Gavin! I had a look and the MiniMint would be perfect except you have to pay an annual or a per month fee. And I don’t think it’s compatible with iPhones.

I’m thinking the Plan B solution may be the only way to go!