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My Wedding Concierge
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tonyk, post: 122876 wrote:
My Google Analytics shows that my website has a bounce rate of 22%, which judging by my research is considered to be very good. However, I am not getting much in the way of leads. Any tips on how to change this?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, you should post in the reviews section to get more responses…

From a design perspective, even though you’ve got a neatly presented website, it’s very boring from a design sense…

I know that proof-reading is all about words, but you need to find a way to make it look a bit more exciting than it does now… Add some more pictures to the pages so that it doesn’t just look like page after page of text.

This is especially important on the home page, which needs to scream “Proof-reading is awesome and will make me more money!” or something like that. At the moment it’s not really screaming anything.