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John C.
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How are people arriving at your site? It’s possible, for example, that people are arriving on your site as a result of searching for “what does a proofreader do”, in which case they spend some time on your site finding out in order to prepare for a career change, or to write a student paper etc, but they never had any intention of buying your services in the first place. You would need to check your analytics further to work out whether this is the case.

On a side note, a high bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your industry. I’ve found that the people who spend the least amount of time on my site are often the most likely to engage my services. They have an urgent problem, land on my site, see it’s relevant and then call to make a booking… what do I care if Google thinks they bounced off my site too quickly?

Inversely a low bounce rate is not necessarily a good thing – if people need to look over every last word on your site, perhaps your message isn’t clear enough (not saying that’s the case for you, but something to keep in mind).