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Steve_Minshall, post: 122918 wrote:
The thing that struck me was that by far the most prominent feature of your offering is speed of delivery.

I think this could (even subconsciously) be a turn off for customers who have accuracy and thoroughness as the most important requirements for proof reading. Even if they are up against a deadline the whole point of proofreading is still accuracy. You are trying to sell efficiency but there is a danger that this could be misinterpreted as a rush job.

I want my proof reader to be detailed, pedantic, methodical and thorough not quick.

Of course there will always be customers that have left it to the last minute and want a quick turn around. Offer them a ‘priority’ service which implies queue jumping rather than doing the job quickly.

This may not make the slightest difference to the number of leads generated for you but it was what struck me about your site.

Good point regarding the 24-hour turnaround thing. Something to mull over.