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kathiemt, post: 123201 wrote:
I’m not a fan of the chat thing either. I was on the Adobe site the other day. They have no forms you can fill out and you can’t email them. You either chat with them when they’re online or you pick up the phone and ring them. Wasn’t happy with either choice. I’d prefer to email or fill out a form at the hours that suit me. My impression of what I thought was a good company is that it’s now gotten too big for its boots and doesn’t care about the average customer. But that’s another issue.

I just don’t like the chat thing.

Hi Kathie,
I haven’t heard of Adobe using live chat in that way – it’s not a method I would ever recommend. People still need the ability to email or phone you, live chat is a useful tool for web visitors who may have initial questions they need answered before picking up the phone to call you. Like any other tool, there are different ways of using it. We suggest it’s used for improved customer service and lead capture.
It’s interesting that you see live chat as an example of a company not caring about its customer? I see it as a company offering superior and immediate customer service – rather than the usual 24-48hrs it can take to get an email response.
It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly a tool that I benefit from having it on my websites.