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Divert To Mobile, post: 122927 wrote:
Hey everyone,

Took your feedback on the last divert to mobile review and understood the site was very booring but clear and lacking call to arms and imagery.

So I took on a desinger from the forum to magic it up and looking for some feedback before I give the go ahead.

So filling in the guidelines as per the sticky at the top.

1. could you please check the proposed website and give me feedback on its layout, look and feel.
2. we provide a telephony solution for small business
3. target market is small businesses operating through a mobile phone
4. Im too close to the project to be objective.

this is the new proposed site

and this is the old site

kind regards,


G’day Steve,

Loved your new site, it kills your old one, mummifies it and very much buries it in one go. You’ve nailed it IMHO, professional, informative, great colours, very cool logo.
Classy site with ease of usability. Whoever your web site builder is mate name and applaud them for I believe that’s a site to be proud of.

Kind Regards