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Please, a little common sense here…

The terms ‘black hat’ and ‘unethical’ are not equivalent!

The term ‘black hat’ means it is not in accordance with search engines wishes/rules. Lots of completely above-board highly ethical people do black hat things in their SEO, many without even realising it. Nick offers it to those who want it and he clearly explains it is high risk stuff.

Trying to improve your rankings by building links to your site is in fact black hat by a strict interpretation of Google’s rules!

‘Unethical’ means lacking in ethics, that’s a whole different kettle of fish and I’d say a rather insulting term to use against anyone without due cause.

I have no reason at all to believe Nick is unethical, he is a helpful guy who contributes much to the forum and its regulars. We need more Nicks!

Want an example of something unethical?

Suggesting that someone else is unethical without checking the facts, thats unethical imho.