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Chris – Marketing
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Anon, post: 122975 wrote:
Howdy, just hoping for some clarification on this. If you are self employed and work from home, I understand that you can claim a portion of rent on tax as long as the rooms are solely for business. Have I got these sums right?

So as example, townhouse is $800 week rent and is 28sqm (living space). The 2 rooms being rented is 7sqm. Would this mean I can claim $200/week as a tax expense?

Is it this simple and any other things I need to be careful/wary of?

Yes u can claim a portion if u r renting. If u own your dwelling then I suggest u need to consider capital gains when selling – your private home does not incur capital gains if not used as a business. U can also claim % electricity/gas….speak to your accountant as they can be quiet creative (legally).

Chris Poulios