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eStrategyPro.com, post: 0 wrote:
If I were you, I would find a completely different name.

That’s what happened to one of my clients. I advised her to get a completely different name so that people will not accidentally go to her competitor’s website.

A sneaky way would be to take the .com version of the domain name you want and redirect to the completely new .com.au domain. But if you’re thinking of that, you better do your homework and check that you are not infringing on any trademark or IP.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I note that a couple of you refer to competitor issues. The person who holds the domain I am interested in does not operate in my area, so if traffick did go to their site accientally then they wouldnt gain anything (and probably me neither if it didnt find its way back). So if we’re in different areas would a hyphen be more acceptable?
Regarding the comments on trademarks, I understood that trademarks were registered by category?