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Thanks so much everyone for such a warm welcome. What I would love to do is set up an online toy site but I’m really interested in good quality wooden toys so I suppose you could say that is the particular niche I’m interested in. However being such a newbie to the game I’m finding I’m stuck in a bit of a never ending cycle. I love my idea but am fully aware I need to check things out before I go any further. What I wanted to do was look around and see if I could access the toys I want…how much they would cost me and then compare what they are selling for retail. As I don’t have a lot of capital to begin with I think drop shipping may be the way to go, but I am hearing lots of opinions on this…some say it’s risky, shipping is expensive and returns and faulty stock are difficult to deal with…on the other hand many swear by it. Trying to access wholesale/drop shipping websites with no biz name or details (as I haven’t got one yet) is near impossible so I can’t tell if this would be a good idea or not.
Once I’ve got the hang of this component the rest will be more familiar territory as I have experience in setting up business, running it etc however my company was serviced based when the internet was not so commonplace, plus through my husbands biz we have a good network of contacts for support in regard to set up…just not in this area