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Peter – FS Administrator
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Wolven Logistics, post: 123032 wrote:
Hi Guys,
I am helping a friend start his online fitness forum and was just wondering what are some good web designers that specialise in website forums, i really like the layout of flyingsolo and would love to have a similar layout.

Thanks Wolven,
Glad you like it. The design of Flying Solo has organically grown over the years and so is essentially custom designed – the original designers are no longer designing websites in any case so not much direct help there! Kathie is right, the forum section runs on vBulletin, which has been integrated into the broader website/articles/directory. If you’re interested, take a look at https://www.vbulletin.com/, the basic forum software can be customised to your own look.
Otherwise there a loads of great website gurus on the forum here who will be able to help with more specific advice.